Remco Raben (born in 1962) studied history in Leiden and obtained his doctorate with a study of ethnic relations in early modern colonial cities in Asia. As a post-doctoral student at Utrecht University, he researched the history of Dutch Indonesians. Between 1997 and 2008, he worked as a senior researcher at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, contributing to the research programmes entitled ‘Rethinking Regionalism. Changing horizons in Indonesia, 1950s-2000s’ and ‘From the Dutch East Indies to Indonesia. The reordering of Indonesian society 1930-1960’. Since 2008, he has been the associate professor of the History of International Relations section of Utrecht University’s History and Art History department. He is also a professor occupying an endowed chair in colonial and postcolonial literature and cultural history at the University of Amsterdam. For many years, he served as a senior adviser for the Victims of Persecution (1940-1945) Benefits Act. He contributed to the creation of the ‘Beyond the Dutch’ retrospective of Indonesian art at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht in 2009. He has published works on the early modern and modern history of Asia, and imperialism and colonial culture in the Netherlands. In 2018, a monograph about the administrative and social changes in Indonesia between 1920 and 1965 is being published.

Remco Raben
Prof. dr. Remco Raben