The latest BMGN-Low Countries Historical Review is published today. The first results of the project Comparing the Wars of Decolonization are presented in this academic journal (Dutch only).

In the spring of 2019, a group of twelve international and Dutch researchers, led by Thijs Brocades Zaalberg and Bart Luttikhuis, worked hard on a comparative research on several wars of decolonization. You can read the introduction, written bij Thijs Brocades Zaalberg and Bart Luttikhuis, here (Dutch only). An extended book of articles (in English) will follow in 2021 at Cornell University Press.

In an interview with Dirk-Jan Wolffram, chair of the BMGN editorial team, Thijs Brocades Zaalberg and Bart Luttikhuis share more about this publication. Watch the interview here.

You can read this publication online on the BMGN-Low Countries Historical Review site.

Via this link you can also listen to an interview with researcher Roel Frakking on the article he and professor Martin Thomas (Exeter) wrote for the BMGN-Low Countries Historical Review.